Masks + Acne = Mask-ne

Published: October 28 2020 & Updated: January 25 2021
Masks + Acne = Mask-ne

2020 has brought us a year filled with stressful situations: COVID-19, shelter-in-place, elections, the economy, TikTok almost getting banned...the list goes on and on. But one of the most stressful things? A new breed of acne known by the name of maskne, or acne caused by your face mask. Increased breakouts around the bottom half of your face, where a mask usually protects you from spreading germs (and decreases the spread of COVID-19!), is a sure sign of maskne. 

Maskne is hittin’ everyone these days. Two of our Peace Out HQ team members share their own experience with it and how they are trying to fight it off:

Sarah, Social Media Manager 

What are your struggles with Maskne?

A: Maskne has been a major bummer lately! Wearing a mask for the past 7 months has definitely taken a toll on my skin. I've noticed that my skin produces a lot more oil and my pores seem more clogged from wearing a mask daily. I'm mostly experiencing breakouts on my chin and jaw area.

How do you try and solve your maskne issues? 

A: To combat my maskne woes I have been reaching for my Peace Out Acne Dots! They are the best to pop on a blemish before heading out to run any essential errands because no one will know and it helps me from touching my face. The Peace Out Acne Serum has also been great at improving the overall texture of my skin. Since my skin can tend to get dry and flaky sometimes, it gives my skin a nice dose of hydration!

What keeps you staying confident and proud of your skin?

A: What keeps me confident is wearing a smile and remembering that my maskne is NOT permanent! It's just something that I'm working through. It's not about having perfect skin, for me I am confident in the IMPROVEMENT of my skin :)

Jenny, Acquisition Marketing Manager

What are your struggles with maskne?

A: Unfortunately prior to even covid times and needing to wear a mask, I struggled with adult acne. Prior to covid, I mostly had cystic acne but now I am struggling with clogged pores and black heads. 

How do you try and solve your maskne issues?

A: Tackling my maskne definitely was not an easy pursuit especially when I had a deadline for my zoom wedding back in August. Thankfully, updating my acne routine to include the Peace Out Acne Serum 2x day with it’s specialized formula helped solve my more serious acne blemishes. Utilizing the Peace Out Pores strips with my mask helped prevent the clogging of my pores while extracting trapped oils and minimizing the chance of black heads. 

What keeps you staying confident and proud of your skin?

A: I have realized that skin struggles and acne specifically are common for everyone. I should not allow a little blemish to keep me from being proud of who I am. 

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