How To Use Acne Patches

Published: April 04 2022 & Updated: August 24 2023
How to use acne patches

So, you finally picked up our best-selling Acne Dots that your BFF has been raving about, but now, you need to figure out how to use them. Although it really is as easy as popping one onto your pesky breakout, we’ve got a few application tips and tricks to share with our Skin Champ community. That way, you get the most of out of your acne patches.


Q: When is the best time to apply the pimple patch onto a blemish?

A: Day or night – whatever works best for you! Make sure to press it in for 5-10 seconds to ensure it stays on all morning or evening.


Q: Does it matter if my skin is wet or dry when applying the sticker?

A: Yes, your skin needs to be completely dry when applying. If you’ve just applied Repairing Moisturizer or Dark Spots Serum, we suggest waiting 15-minutes to allow all of the moisture to absorb into your skin.


Q: How long do I need to leave it on for?

A: At least 6 hours, and it is fine if you leave on longer.


Q: Will the pimple patch heal my blemish in 1 night?

A: It depends on the stage of your pimple. Sometimes they’ll completely get rid of your blemish in one night, sometimes you might need to wear an acne sticker for 2 or 3 consecutive nights in a row.


Q: Should I be cautious of wearing this product while using other full-strength ingredients like Retinol, Retinoids or chemical acids?

A: This sticker was made for even the most sensitive skin and is compatible with all your favorite products—Dark Spots Serum, Acne Serum, and your go-to retinoid. 

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