How To Use Acne Patches

March 20 2020

How To Use Acne Healing Dots

Here at Peace Out, we couldn’t be more psyched to develop break-through technologies and trailblaze an entirely new category in the beauty industry: 1-Step Skincare.

Whether you’re dealing with a trifling hormonal zit or a nightmare of cystic breakouts, Peace Out Acne healing stickers are your go-to emergency fix for all types of acne.

Even though we pride ourselves on creating Sephora bestselling products that are both effective AND easy to use – there are always application tips and tricks we’re excited to share with our beloved BFFs. 😘 Here is the 411 on best practices to keep in mind when using Peace Out Acne.

How To Use Acne Stickers Best

Q: When is the best time to apply the acne sticker on a blemish?
A: Day or night – whatever works best for you!

Q: Does it matter if my skin is wet or dry when applying the sticker?
A: Yes, your skin needs to be completely dry when applying. If you’ve just applied moisturizer or washed your face, we suggest waiting 15-minutes to allow all of the moisture to absorb into your skin.

Q: Can I use multiple dots to cover an enlarged pimple or multiple pimples in the same area?
A: Definitely – the more the merrier!

Q: How long do I need to leave it on for?
A: At least 6 hours, and it is fine if you leave on longer.

Q: Will the acne-sticker heal my blemish in 1 night?
A: It depends on the stage of your pimple. Sometimes an acne sticker can completely rid of your blemish in one night, sometimes you might need to wear an acne sticker for 2 or 3 consecutive nights in a row.

Q: Should I be cautious of wearing this product while using other full-strength ingredients like Retinol, Retinoids or chemical acids?
A: This sticker was made for even the most sensitive skin, and is compatible with all your favorite products. It’s even safe to use with Retinoids, Retinol or AHAs.

We’re also proud to note Peace Out Acne is 100% cruelty-free, PETA-certified, allergen-free, talc-free and sold exclusively at Sephora.

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