Peace Out Pores


  • Peace Out Pores
  • Peace Out Pores
  • Peace Out Pores
  • Peace Out Pores
  • Peace Out Pores

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What Is It?

Enlarged and clogged pores got you tossing and turning? Rest easy—we’ll minimize and prevent them in no time. These 2-in-1 detoxifying strips contain absorptive hydrocolloid technology to lift away dirt, excess sebum, and dead skin cells. Pore-minimizing DMAE extracts trapped oil and helps visibly shrink enlarged pores. Once oil and impurities have been sucked into the strip, vitamin A helps refine skin texture and prevent blackheads from forming. The best part? Waking up confident in your smoother, clearer skin.

What Does It Do?

  1. Lifts dirt and skin congestion, resulting in smoother, clearer-looking skin
  2. Absorbs excess oil from deep within pores, preventing blackheads and congestion
  3. Refines uneven skin texture and visibly shrinks enlarged pores

Key Ingredients:

  • Hydrocolloid Bandage: Absorbs sebum, oil, and dead skin trapped deep within pores.
  • DMAE: Helps visibly shrink enlarged pores.
  • Vitamin A: Refines skin texture and prevents blackheads from forming.

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