How To Take Care Of Your Skin At Home During Coronavirus

Published: June 12 2020 & Updated: January 25 2021
How To Take Care Of Your Skin At Home During Coronavirus

Do You Really Need A Skin Care Routine?

You won’t be surprised to learn that stress wreaks havoc on your skin. All you need to do is think back to a time when you had a big assignment due or a meeting with your boss and an annoying pimple popped up. Well, being at home during a pandemic is more than just stressful and your body and skin might be feeling the strain. Dryness, breakouts, congested pores—nothing is off the table. A simple skin care routine can help keep your skin healthy while you’re staying home and give you the tools to keep it up way after safer-at-home orders are over. It’s a form of self-care that’s more important now than ever. Creating a daily skin care routine at home doesn’t have to be difficult or complicated. You just need a few of the most effective skin care products and 10 minutes. We promise.

How Do I Start A Skin Care Routine?

First, grab a mirror and look at your skin. Identify your overall skin type and primary concerns. A skin care routine for oily/acne-prone skin is going to be different from a skin care routine for dry or sensitive skin. It’s possible you have a little bit of both and that’s called combination skin. No matter your skin type, you want to start with the best skin care routine products. These are simple and effective and catered to your skin type. You’ll need a cleanser, moisturizer (yes, even if your skin is oily!), sunscreen (at least SPF 30) and products for spot treating any skin care issues that come up.

Daily Skin Care Routine At Home

Step 1: Always cleanse your skin for at least 20 seconds both morning and night to remove dirt, oil and makeup.
Step 2: Spot-treat any skin care concerns such as clogged pores, dark spots, pimples or fine lines and wrinkles with your favorite Peace Out products.
Step 3: Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Apply moisturizer all over your face and neck.
Step 4: If daytime, finish up your routine with SPF 30.

What Skincare Products Do I Really Need

Peace Out Acne Serum: This daily acne treatment effortlessly eliminates acne to reveal clearer, smoother skin. It's lightweight formula includes heavy-hittin' ingredients like 2% Salicylic Acid, Niacinamide, Vitamin C & Zinc that work together to not only clear blemishes and prevent them from returning, but also to control oil & brighten the look of post-breakout spots.

Peace Out Pores: Minimize the appearance of enlarged pores with
oil-absorbing strips infused with pore-refining actives. Pop a strip on your nose or anywhere on the face and allow the absorptive hydrocolloid polymer technology to lift away excess sebum and dead skin cells.

Peace Out Dark Spots: Oil-free microneedling dots fade dark spots when used twice a week for two consecutive weeks. Niacinamide, licorice extract and tranexamic acid work to brighten without irritation.

Peace Out Acne Dots: Hydrocolloid polymer technology is combined with salicylic acid, aloe vera leaf extract and vitamin A to zap zits. Overnight, redness and inflammation is greatly reduced.

Peace Out Wrinkles: Smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles with microneedling anti-wrinkling retinol patches. You’ll see smoother skin in just two weeks.

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