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Say goodbye to unruly pimples with our range of pimple patches. These tiny, hydrocolloid stickers packed with acne-fighting ingredients can be worn during the day or overnight to zap zits and swiftly combat breakouts.

Early Stage Acne Dots hover
Award Winner
Acne Healing Dots Peace Out Acne Healing Dots hover in packaging on a peach background
Acne Day Dots hover
Acne Day Dots - Jumbo Acne Day Dots Jumbo Box and patches hover over a yellow background
Acne Day & Night Duo Acne Day & Night Duo box and patches hover over a blue and yellow background
Pride Limited Edition Salicylic Acid Acne Healing Dots Pride Acne Dots with Rainbow Pattern box and strips hover over a rainbow background
Spring Exclusive
Spring Acne Dots Mega Acne Dots Mega hover in space
Daily Defense Kit Daily Defense Kit products hover over a mirrored peach background
Zap That Zit Kit Zap That Zit Contents include Acne Healing Dots and Early Stage Acne Dots hover over a red and peach background
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Meet our innovative pimple patches – the undercover warriors against unwanted breakouts. These ultra-thin, transparent pimple stickers, boast a chic blend of science and style. Packed with powerful ingredients like salicylic acid and aloe vera, these acne-fighting patches work overtime to eliminate unwanted zits while leaving behind soothed and bright skin. While you catch those much-needed Zs, our Acne Healing Dots work tirelessly to tackle blemishes, leaving you with a refreshed and clearer complexion by morning. Dealing with a relentless pimple and need to meet friends or get to work? Our ultra-thin Acne Day Dots are sheer and practically invisible; the best part is they can easily be worn under makeup. For those of you seeing the early signs of a new pimple forming, try out our new Early Stage Acne Dot, to help stop that pimple in its tracks. Looking for additional acne-healing products to complete your regimen? Try our Daily Heroes Acne Routine Kit, which includes our Acne Healing Dots, alongside other acne-fighting products

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