Published: July 21 2022 & Updated: August 04 2022

At Peace Out, 'clean' has always been our thing. So, we asked our founder all about what being clean means to him. Here's what Enrico had to say:

Why is being a clean brand so important to you?
Being clean and cruelty-free brand has always been a part of the brand ethos since day one. We can proudly say we created the very first clean Acne Dot and Pores patch—and NEVER test on animals.

What are your ‘clean’ goals for Peace Out? 
My goal is to continue to only develop the cleanest, most efficacious products. Being clean is a lifestyle for me AND for Peace Out. I am vigilant about every single ingredient we use—where they come from, how they're made, and how they're processed, every step of the way. Every product must meet the 'EAPOC' standard, which translates to the 'Enrico Approved Peace Out Clean' standard.

How do you live a ‘clean’ lifestyle outside the office?
I am obsessed with clean living. I eat a 90% organic plant-based diet, live an outdoor lifestyle, and spend 5-6 days a week at the gym. I take time every day to meditate, which helps me balance the stress of running my own company.

I am also obsessive about my supplements— I can spend days researching new ingredients, ways to create a better internal system for better gut health and cell health. Good skin really does start from within.

What does being clean mean to you? Let us know how you live a clean life over on social—@peaceoutskincare #peaceoutskincare

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