Why Peace Out Acne Serum Is a Must in Your Daily Skincare Routine

Published: July 07 2020 & Updated: January 25 2021
Why Face Serum Is Really Necessary

Why Face Serum Is Really Necessary

When it comes to acne, or really any skincare concern, prevention is just as important as treatment. The best, most effective skincare routine includes a daily product that will not only treat current issues, such as breakouts and hyperpigmentation, but also prevent new problems from forming. Give your skin what it needs on the daily and you won’t be chasing every zit and bump and red spot every other day. That’s why we created Peace Out Acne Serum. Acne Serum is necessary to prevent you from getting bad acne in the first place. You deserve to have great skin all the time. And when you don’t? Peace Out’s other products, such as Acne Dots and Dark spots, are here for you.

Finding The Best Serum For Acne Prone Skin: How Peace Out Acne Serum Is Different

There are hundreds of acne serums on the market. Do they work? Some do! But Peace Out Acne Serum treats more than just pimples. It’s truly an all-in-one flawless-skin serum that treats an acne breakout, prevents new ones from forming and even brightens the appearance of post-acne hyperpigmentation. It won’t give you that dry, flaky, overly sensitive skin as many acne treatments do. Peace Out Acne Serum is meant to be used twice a day and tolerated well by all skin types.

The 411 on Acne Ingredients

For one lightweight serum to do all of that, it has to have some pretty powerful ingredients. And it does. The first one you’ve probably heard of because it’s key for getting rid of acne: salicylic acid. Peace Out Acne Serum has 2 percent of the stuff, that not only clears current breakouts but keeps new ones from popping up. There’s also niacinamide and vitamin C for brightening hyperpigmentation and dark spots, zinc for decreasing sebum production and Centella Asiatica extract to promote healthy skin. We told you this baby did it all.

Why Do I Need Serum?

Because Peace Out Acne Serum helps reduce sebum production, it’s especially great for oily and acne-prone skin. But that’s not the only skin type that will find it so effective. Anyone who gets even a once-in-a-while pimple will notice their skin seems clearer and the texture feels smoother with Peace Out Acne Serum. And those with acne scars and hyperpigmentation will be surprised at how much brighter their overall complexion looks. It fits seamlessly into any skincare routine.

How Acne Serum Fits Into Your Peace Out Routine

You now know that when used in the morning and at night, this lightweight serum reduces breakouts. But when an especially tough pimple pops up, you can also spot treat with Peace Out Acne Dots. After applying Peace Out Acne Serum, pop on a hydrocolloid patch and see how it extracts impurities right from the zit overnight. These have salicylic acid to fight the breakout right at its source, as well as vitamin A to promote clear skin and aloe vera to soothe overall.

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