Skin Champs: Acne, Unfiltered. Inspiring Acne Stories.

Published: July 14 2020 & Updated: January 25 2021
inspiring acne stories

Global pandemics and quarantines have seemed to hit pause on many of our normal, everyday routines lately. Ugh, and (of course) the one thing it hasn't stopped? Acne.

When we realized that shooting a campaign video for our new Acne Serum IRL wouldn’t be safe, we knew there had to be a way for acne-fighting journeys around the world to still be heard. So, may we present to you, our first-ever acne campaign *all shot via Zoom*!

Acne, Unfiltered. is a chance for members of our skincare community to share raw, unfiltered thoughts about their inspiring acne stories, their own personal journeys with acne and may or may not feature a cameo of our new Acne Serum -*wink-wink* - okay, okay, it totally does.

Hit PLAY on the vid below to hear inspiring acne stories and how others are trying to hit STOP on their breakouts!

Acne, Unfiltered - Inspiring Acne Stories From The Peace Out Community

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