Are Pore Strips Good Or Bad?

Published: May 11 2018 & Updated: January 13 2021
Are pore strips good for you?


Are pore strips good for you?

We all live for that instantly gratifying ‘ah-ha’ moment when we pull off our pore strip to reveal all the dirt and excess oil that was trapped under our skin. It’s the best feeling in the world right? Well here at Peace Out we are major fans of pore strips too, but came to find most traditional pore strips can actually cause more harm than good. Unfortunately, not all pore strips are good for you.

Before you invest another penny in a traditional pores trip - we wanted to share the major 5 differentiators between Peace Out Pores and traditional pore strips. Let’s get started!


Traditional pore strips extract our surface level oil plugs, but don’t actually remove the excess sebum below surface level that causes our pesky breakouts. Although it may be gratifying to pull off a traditional pore strip to reveal a forest of tall spiky oil plugs, these types of pore strips actually have little to no impact on your overall complexion and skin wellness.

Peace Out Pores actually removes excess oil beyond the surface level, unclogging your pores and preventing future breakouts. When you pull off a Peace Out Pores strip it looks similar to when you pat down a piece of pepperoni pizza with a napkin and remove the excess grease. The results do look slightly different than a traditional pore strip, but the product is much more effective.


For all our friends with extremely dry skin, or have skin conditions including eczema and rosacea - hold up! Traditional pore strips can tear your skin - leaving it flakey, red and inflamed.

Peace Out Founder & CEO Enrico Frezza actually struggles with rosacea himself, and formulated Peace Out Pores to be safe for all skin types, including those with these types of skin conditions.


Are you using any acids in your skincare routine? How about retinol or retinoids? These powerful chemical exfoliators are an absolute dream when it comes to stimulating cell turnover - they take your skin from the thickness of an orange peel down to the skin of an apple. This is why we love them - they prevent our future breakouts and make our skin baby smooth. Keep in mind that if you pair these with a traditional pore strip that contains harsher adhesive properties - the mixture could actually tear off the first layer of your skin and cause bleeding (yikes!).

With Peace Out Pores our hydrocolloid dressing is the same material that is used in the medical field to treat wounds, to ensure these can be used with any other acid, retinol or retinoids.


Traditional pore strips are priced at $6.00 a box for a reason - their drug-store manufacturers use extremely cheap ingredients that can yield a variety of adverse reactions on the face. What these skincare companies are also not telling you is that they infuse their pore strips with the same synthetic holding agent used in hairspray to literally rip out surface-level oil plugs and over-strip the skin.

With Peace Out Pores strips, our ingredients still give you immediate and visible results without over-stripping the skin with harsh ingredients. We also only use literally 3 ingredients to make this product: Vitamin A, DMAE and hydrocolloid. We’re also cruelty-free, and even have a PETA certification to prove it!  

Peace Out Pores
Image Source: Dom Hopkins, YouTube


The real question is - who would want to invest their hard-earned money in skincare that doesn’t produce long term results? With traditional pore strips, they make no lasting impact on your overall complexion. With Peace Out Pores however, if used as a treatment 1-2x a week your results will be both skin-safe and long-lasting.

So are pore strips good or bad for you? It all depends on which product you use. For more information on Peace Out Pores, check out our Peace Out Pore Strips online here.

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