Unlike most skincare brands Peace Out was not started by a group of scientists or a large corporation, but rather an unassuming 26-year-old living in LA searching for a quick fix for his extremely sensitive, acne-prone skin.

"Skincare shouldn't be scary!"
- Enrico -

Enrico tried more acne products, doctor prescriptions, and infomercial products than you can possibly imagine, and could not find an easy-to-use solution with fast-acting results. His frustration became the catalyst for developing a technology that treated the root cause of our pesky breakouts, not just the symptom.

The breakthrough “A-HA” moment came while Enrico was scouring the drugstore aisles for anything that could possibly clear one of his nasty breakouts. It was then that Enrico discovered hydrocolloid dressing - a biodegradable, flesh-colored dressing normally used to heal wounds in the medical field. He bought every hydrocolloid bandage in the drugstore and began self-testing until he found a one-step, easy skincare solution to treat his acne.

Enrico was immediately met with resistance from all labs except one. With a lab secured, Enrico powered through the product development process of the first ever hydrocolloid acne sticker to be infused with active ingredients. After 3 years of tireless research and 14 prototypes later, Peace Out Acne was born and recruited into an exclusive partnership with Sephora U.S. in January 2017.

Peace Out Acne hit shelves 8-months later in July 2017 and immediately took Sephora by storm. Peace Out not only made skincare fun and straightforward, but encouraged its community to live by its 3 E’s: Empowerment, Engagement, and Education. Enrico continued to create new skincare technologies that delivered simple, one-step solutions for skin concerns without being too clinical. In January 2018 Enrico's second product Peace Out Pores launched in-stores and online, hitting the bestsellers list week after week on

Today Peace Out Skincare continues to exemplify a new generation of companies, with a team that works tirelessly to bring innovative one-step skincare products that deliver both fast and real results. By giving a facelift to one of the most clinical and sterile categories in skincare, Peace Out has forever disrupted the industry and will remain the go-to band-aid for your skin imperfections.  

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