Skin Champs: Our Guide To Self Care

Published: March 18 2020 & Updated: August 24 2023
Our Guide To Self Care

Why Self Care Is Important

Chances are, you’re home either working or studying, in between snacking and washing your hands like crazy. We are too. And it’s put a big light on what exactly self-care is. Between the anxiety-inducing news, self-isolation that can feel, well, isolating, and all the other stressors the day brings, it’s more important than ever to take a moment for yourself. Self-care can really just mean a break from it all and it’s important for each of us–even when we’re not going through a global pandemic.

Now, unlike memes tell us every day on Instagram, self-care doesn’t have to be spending an entire paycheck on something you don’t need or gobbling down junk food or even sleeping the entire day away. (Though, we might do that once in a while.) It’s more about tending to yourself, caring for yourself. For some, that’s exercise. Others, it’s skincare. Whatever it is, it’s clutch in a difficult time and also helpful when things are going great. Below, try a few of our favorite self-care activities and self care tips for skin and give and take some time for yourself—STAT.

The Self Care Action Plan: Activities & Tips

Download a Meditation App

Instead of staying up all night scrolling Instagram and TikTok, try an easy 15 meditation session. There are no shortage of free mindfulness apps, including Insight Timer, Smiling Mind and 10% Happier. Most have specific sleep-inducing programs that’ll relax your mind and allow you to actually forget what’s going on in the world—at least for a little while.

Take an Online Yoga Class

Take a Netflix break and get your body moving. Endorphins make people happy, remember? Since you can’t get to a gym, pop on YouTube, throw a mat on your floor and search for a free yoga class. There are hundreds available on the platform that are easy to follow and even pretty fun.

Knock Out Pimples and Dark Spots

With your entire schedule thrown off, it’s possible your skincare routine got a little disrupted, too. That’s ok! We can fix it. Pop on Peace Out Acne Dots on any zit and the salicylic acid will work to clear up acne-causing bacteria. Once your pimple is gone, place Peace Out Dark Spots on any hyperpigmentation that’s left over. Niacinamide, licorice extract and tranexamic acid brighten the spot and even out the skin tone.

Cook Something You’ve Never Tried

Sadly, you can’t live on Hot Cheetos and La Croix alone. Download the NYT Cooking app, close your eyes and choose a recipe. You might just find your new favorite dish—and go viral on TikTok with a killer cooking video at the same time.

Minimize Your Pores, Wrinkles and Puffy Eyes

While you’re cooking, doing yoga or working on your laptop, get your entire face in tip-top shape. Place a Peace Out Pores oil-absorbing strip on your nose to visibly shrink enlarged pores. Pop Peace Out Puffy Eyes antioxidant-rich patches under each eye to illuminate the appearance of dark circles and use Peace Out Wrinkles microneedling patches anywhere you see a fine-line or wrinkle. 

A calm mind, clear skin and grounded body isn’t far away.

For other great self care tips check out some of our other guides, including 4 Hacks You Need To Try When Using Peace Out Pores, Best Practices When Using Peace Out Acne Healing Dots, and How to Brighten Your Skin!
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