How To Make Pore Strips Work Better

March 10 2019

How To Make Pore Strips Work More Effective

If you're struggling with enlarged, clogged pores and acne prone skin, this one is for you.

Here at Peace Out we believe that skincare should not only be 1-step, but easy and adaptable to all types of lifestyles - so you can be YOU. ✌ This is why we created our Peace Out Pore Treatment Strips. These 2:1 detoxifying pore strips are made with our break-through hydrocolloid technology to unclog pores, refine texture and prevent future breakouts. Clearly your not so average pore strip!

We collected feedback from some of our team members on their favorite pore strip tips & hacks using the product, so your pore strips can be even more effective. We are finally ready to divulge the team’s “secret menu” of skincare tips when using our Peace Out Pore Treatment Strips.

Pore Strips Tips & Hacks


Pull an Edward Scissorhands and get creative with your treatments! Each pack of Peace Out Pores comes with (4) blackhead strips cut for your nose, and (4) rectangular pore strips for anywhere else on your face or body. Try cutting the rectangular pore strips to spot treat where you’re prone to breakouts. Whether you’re experiencing some texture on your cheekbones or just wanting to get the biggest bang for your buck by using half of a pore strip on either cheek, you can rest assured that the efficacy of the product will not be compromised.


The next time you do a work out video at home, put on our Peace Out Pores blackhead and pore strips. You will be amazed with how much excess sweat and dirt is absorbed into your pore strips, and it will help you to avoid washing your face which can oftentimes over-strip the skin of its natural oils.


Make this a ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ spa-grade experience and use the steamer for 15 minutes while wearing your Peace Out Pores treatment strips! No matter what season it is, we promise your pores will have no problem opening up to allow the excess dirt and bacteria to be absorbed below the surface layer of your skin.


Are you going to be on a plane sometime soon for at least 4 hours? Masking in flight is everyone’s new favorite hobby, and it’s the perfect time to wear your Peace Out Pores treatment strips. Just remember to wear them for a minimum of 4 hours on completely dry skin.

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