June 22 2022
Retinol for beginners

If you’re new to retinol you’re probably wondering...how do I fit this into my skincare routine? What can I layer it with? Is this going to burn my face off? Trust us, we get it––you’ve got some questions and we have some answers. Worry no more, we’re spilling on all things retinol. Let’s start with the basics:

So, what exactly is retinol?  

Retinol is a retinoid, a derivative of vitamin A,  that converts to retinoic acid, an ingredient that research shows helps stimulate skin cell growth and turnover.

In simpler terms? It helps metabolize skin cells and encourage collagen production. Bye wrinkles, see ya fine lines!

What are the benefits of retinol?

There are SO many benefits from using a retinol––from anti-aging to acne. Below are a few reasons we can’t live without retinol:

  • If you’re concerned with aging, retinol helps improve fine lines and wrinkles by enhancing collagen production and skin turnover.
  • If you suffer from acne, retinol can help improve skin texture and deliver smooth, even-looking skin.
  • If you suffer from dark circles, a gentle retinol (like our Retinol Eye Stick) can help with skin turnover underneath the eyes––revealing brighter, younger-looking skin. 

Are there side effects to using retinol?

We all know retinol has a bad rep for, at times, being harsh on the skin––think drying, peeling, redness, etc. If you have super sensitive skin, it’s important to be careful when first using a retinol product. Start slowly and work your way up to higher amounts as your skin gets accustomed to it. 

Regardless of your skin sensitivity, anyone who uses retinol should be wearing SPF every day. It can make your skin more sensitive to sunlight, leading to quicker sunburns.

I keep hearing about ‘encapsulated’ retinol––what’s that?

Encapsulated retinol helps control the amount of retinol that’s released at one time onto the skin. It’s perfect for even the most sensitive skin––especially around the eye area. We use this in our Retinol Eye Stick as to ensure you’re getting the rejuvenating, anti-aging benefits of retinol, without the irritating side effects. 


When should I start using retinol?

According to experts, mid-twenties to early thirties is a great time to begin incorporating a topical retinol in your skincare routine. Since this is the time that cell turnover starts to slow down, it'll help boost any collagen production that’s been lost. Prevention is key! 

Pro tip: Your eyes need love, too! Our power-packed Retinol Eye Stick is a concentrated serum balm that helps kick fine lines, discoloration & texture to the curb. 

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