Published: July 25 2022 & Updated: August 04 2022
To wrap up our 5-year b-day celebration, we asked our founders 5 questions about the start of Peace Out and what's to come for the brand.

What was the most exciting part about launching the OG Acne Dot 5 years ago?

The most exciting part of launching the OG Acne Dot was knowing that there was finally a product that was actually going to help people with acne OVERNIGHT—a product that actually did what it claimed. And not only would it help them with their acne, but it would also help with their mental health struggles. I wanted to help give everyone their self-esteem back— I wanted everyone to able to look in the mirror and love what they see.

What has been your favorite part of growing Peace Out’s Skin Champs community?

From the start of Peace Out, I knew I wanted to have an inclusive and skin-positive community. I wanted to create an interactive and open space where people can feel comfortable being themselves all while having fun with skincare!

For anyone new to Peace Out, what’s the first product they should try out?
Peace Out Acne, if you suffer from bad breakouts, or Peace Out Pores if you want to instantly degunk. I've been focusing on getting rid of dark spots, so I love Peace Out Dark Spots and Dark Spots Serum. And, of course, I can't forget about Retinol Eye Stick! It's one of my faves—it cancels out your crow's feet and dark circles in no time.

Can you give Skin Champs a sneak peek into what’s to come for Peace Out?
We will be launching Skin Champs 3.0 with a brand new Heroes Kit which I am super excited about! Also, stay tuned for our third Acne Champs campaign with some of our amazing Peace Out squad members. This is a very important moment for our brand as acne and mental health awareness are so important to the brand.
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