Skin Champs: SAVE MY SKIN with @HeyItsFeiii

Published: July 22 2020 & Updated: January 25 2021
Skin Champs: SAVE MY SKIN with @HeyItsFeiii
The #SkincareSavior interview series focuses on the struggles and triumphs of our Peace Out community’s skincare journeys - including all the tips, foolproof products and routines that have helped save their skin. 

To kick off our series, our very first installment features an interview with Fei Yang - also known as @HEYITSFEIII to her 1.6M subscribers -  a beauty & lifestyle media personality known for sharing her acne and skincare struggles. 


Ok, most importantly, what we’re dying to know - what’s your daily skincare routine like? 

My daily skincare routine is actually so simple but so effective! I start with a toner - I especially love pore-targeting ones since my pores are volcano-sized. After I tone, I use Peace Out Acne Serum - I love how it controls the sebum in my breakout-prone areas. Plus since the serum is so light, it does its job even if I pile on makeup that day. Then I go for a daily moisturizer that gives enough coverage but isn’t too heavy. And last but definitely not least is sunscreen. I try to keep my AM skincare routine as minimal as possible because sometimes, less is more. 

How has your routine evolved over the years? 

It’s evolved so much over the years. I battled with horrible hormonal/cystic acne for years and then on top of that, I was testing out new acne products biweekly for my YouTube channel. I loved discovering new products and sharing them with my viewers but through that, I was at a loss when it came to what I wanted to keep as a routine and trying to decide what was actually needed for my skin without overpowering it. 

I found myself stripping down and prioritizing products that kept my skin sane and comforted. What worked, worked - what was mediocre, was out. So the evolution was really that my skincare routine started with 10-15 products (I am not even exaggerating!) and now it’s only 5-7 products. 

What inspired you to start documenting your skincare journey on YouTube?

The reason why I started documenting my skincare journey on YouTube was because I really felt so alone. I started it 5-6 years ago when it was a bit frowned upon if you had “flawed” skin. As I struggled with my hormonal acne, I was desperate to find products that worked for skin like mine. 

I either came across creators who had this flawless skin or ones who had a pimple or two then called their skin “gross”. After seeing that, I began to feel worthless and disgusted with myself and my skin. I kept thinking, “why can’t I look like her?” and “why can’t I have her skin?” or “why am I so gross and ugly?”. These were thoughts I had as I bashed myself standing in front of my mirror. There just came a time where I was so sick of feeling like that with myself. I thought again and realized I’m not alone - I’m not the only person with acne like the kind I have. 

I imagined a room of people like myself who must feel so gross and alone, also - and that was the moment I picked up my camera and started to film my journey.

Wow, we love that story. Thank you for sharing it with us. 

So you’ve tested tons of skincare products while filming, have any favorite ingredients? 

My first favorite ingredient is Salicylic Acid - it has worked magic on reducing my acne. My second favorite is Centella Asiatica Extract, I really can’t explain how well it works on wound sites, especially those pimples that we can’t help but pop so often. It’s a great component to a good skin-healing process from breakouts. 

We have to ask this one! Do you have any go-to Peace Out Products?

Definitely the Peace Out Pore Strips -  it's crazy to see how much congestion gets resurfaced from our nose pores. And I absolutely love the Acne Healing Dots - unlike most pimple patches, these acne healing dots are meant to help mend existing troubled spots. It's a longer treatment instead of being just a fast fix. Another product I love is the new Acne Serum! I've raved so much about how easy and convenient this product has been since I've incorporated it into my routine. Not only does it help with existing breakouts and maintaining good skin, it has helped me so much with hyperpigmentation. 

We love that you love our new serum! How has your experience with it been and how do you incorporate it into a routine?

I have nothing but good things to say about the Acne Serum! As I'm getting older, I'm realizing that dark spots are becoming a bigger focus in my skincare routine. For a while I haven't been able to find target products that I enjoyed properly, enough to share with friends and family. 

When I began using the Acne Serum, the last thing I expected from this product was to have my hyperpigmentations targeted and treated. Of course there's still a ton of work but the fact that I noticed within the 1-2 week mark how faint my dark spots were, it took me by surprise. I fell in love with the multi-usage of the Acne Serum and haven't been able to stop using it.

This product gets along so well with other skincare products that I found no trouble adding it into my skincare routine. It's so soothing, lightweight and non-irritating that I just apply it right after a bit of toner and face mist then follow it up with some moisturizer at night. 

What’s the craziest thing you’ve done to treat a breakout?

Oh gosh - the craziest thing I've done privately to "treat" a breakout was using a needle THAT WAS NOT STERILIZED to pop my humongous zit. Next, I pressed ice on that area for about an hour as I shifted hands back and forth. Then, I took a band-aid and wore it on my face all night until the next day and did it again. It doesn't sound as extreme but looking back now, I wish I knew better than to torture myself over a zit!

[ED NOTE: PLEASE don’t try this at home, people!] 

What’s the best skincare advice you’ve received? 

"It's not about taking care of your skin only but also your body." Sometimes we forget that our skin reacts the way it does because we're not paying enough attention to our body. There's so many factors that play into our breakouts. It could be your water intake, the amount of exercise you're doing, the sleep you're not getting, your hormone/stress levels, the list goes on. To put it into simple words, sometimes we just need to listen. I always find myself telling people the same thing, "Listen to your skin." Your skin freaks out because it's trying to tell you something. Just listen. 

And lastly, do you have any advice on how to remain calm + positive during a bad breakout?

 The best advice I have is to just know that in a couple of days, with the right amount of care, it'll go away or it'll get better. As long as you're consistent with your skincare routine and you trust your skin, it'll get better. It doesn't need any more stress than what it's going through right now so the best you can do is just be patient and stay calm. You know your skin best so make sure you love it the best way you can. 

- as told to Peace Out


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