5 Common Types of Pimples and How to Treat Them

January 30 2020

How To Treat Different Types of Acne

Just like denim, ice cream and Netflix movies, not all pimples are created equal. And not all acne should be treated the same way. While walking down the aisle of any beauty store, you’ll see promise after promise of a magical acne fix. Here at Peace Out, we’re less inclined towards magic (unless it’s of the Harry Potter variety) and more about efficacy. You deserve products that really work for you. That’s why we provide you with easy, 1-step solutions for your skin concerns. And because we want you to get the most out of each of our products, we’re breaking down the most common types of pimples to help you treat and prevent breakouts. 

We have five products available exclusively at Sephora U.S. in-stores and online. Two of them are created just for your pimples and their annoying after effects. Peace Out Acne is a breakthrough blemish-healing dot that combines hydrocolloid technology with active anti-acne ingredients to minimize breakouts overnight, while Peace Out Dark Spots gradually fades hyperpigmentation. 

Peace Out Puffy Eyes is for de-puffing and illuminating under your eyes and Peace Out Pores absorbs oil that can lead to breakouts. We told you—you’re covered. Let’s walk through some of the most common types of acne, and identify which product would work best for each type. 


How To Treat Hormonal Acne

These whiteheads tend to be those painful pimples that pop up around the chin and jaw area. That's partly because the body is producing high amounts of androgen hormones. (Chat with your doctor if you think your hormones are out of whack.) For pimples in that area that are arising and starting to feel painful, pop on a Peace Out Acne Dot. These stickers use salicylic acid to penetrate pores and clear up any and all acne-causing bacteria. Plus, vitamin A helps promote clear skin while aloe vera reduces the appearance of redness.

To help clear out pores of excess sebum and bacteria, which can lead to breakouts, you can also pop on Peace Out Pores right on the jaw or chin area. It’s not just for your nose. The powerful antioxidants of vitamin A, as well as DMAE, can help prevent new hormonal breakouts from forming.


Non-Inflammatory Acne

How To Treat Whiteheads & Blackheads

We all know these pests - I think it’s safe to say EVERYONE has at least one of these types of breakouts on their nose or chin area. For this type of acne we definitely suggest doubling down with a box of our Peace Out Pores strips as a treatment 1-2x a week. Each box comes with 4 blackhead strips for your nose and 4 pore strips for your cheeks, forehead, chin, etc. Get creative and cut up the pore strips with a pair of scissors, using them to spot treat wherever you need a quick fix.

Inflammatory Acne

How To Treat Papules Acne

If you've got painful red bumps that pop up in groups and don’t turn into whiteheads, you might be dealing with this type of acne. Papules are a result of inflamed whiteheads or blackheads that start to damage the skin. Spot treat these areas with Peace Out Acne Dots, ensuring each bump is covered overnight. Head to the doctor if you think it might be a rash instead, and be sure you’re exfoliating and moisturizing properly.


How To Treat Pustules Acne

When you think of a “typical” pimple, you’re probably thinking of a pustule. They're red pimples filled with white or yellow liquid, usually caused by bacteria. A Peace Out Acne Dot will not only help treat the blemish with acne-fighting ingredients, but also lift out impurities. Don’t be surprised if the dot turns white from all the gunk and buildup  inside the pustule. Pretty cool, right? 

Once the blemish is healed, you’ll want to reduce the risk of long-term hyperpigmentation with Peace Out Dark Spots. Niacinamide, licorice extract, and tranexamic acid work together to lighten and brighten without irritation. Clear skin is just one dot away.

For more information or questions about our products (or if you just want to say hey I love you shoot us an email at info@peaceoutinc.com. ✌