Your Threet-ment Routine

Published: August 25 2021 & Updated: June 14 2022
Three-tment Routine

Finally—the routine your acne’s been worried about! With our NEW Repairing Moisturizer in play, our OG ‘three-tment’ routine just got an upgrade. Here’s your three-step guide to busting your breakouts on the reg:

The Products:

Peace Out Blemish Balm

We like to call this our cleanse with benefits! Not only does our balm get rid of any excess oil and dirt, but it has 2x the exfoliation power: both physical and chemical. The physical exfoliator (biodegradable cellulose) removes dead skin cells without stripping your barrier and preps skin for treatments to follow, while the chemical exfoliation (salicylic acid) helps refine skin texture and minimizes the look of pores! 

Shop here our Peace Out Blemish Balm!

Peace Out Acne Serum

Our heavy-hitting serum is packed with 2% salicylic acid that clears blemishes and prevents them from returning—aka say goodbye to your breakouts for good. Niacinamide and Vitamin C work together to help minimize the appearance of dark spots while Zinc absorbs oil and decongests pores. Talk about a breakout bounce back.

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Peace Out Repairing Moisturizer

Aka your barrier-boosting BFF! This lightweight, fast-absorbing moisturizer helps guard skin against external elements while locking in moisture to support a healthy, happy barrier. We made it with your specific skin-type in mind, so if you’re scared of moisture—don’t be! It’s alcohol-free (even fatty alcohols!) and helps nourish skin, reduce the appearance of redness and refine uneven texture and pores.

Shop here our Peace Out Repairing Moisturizer! 

The Routine:

AM Routine

First, cleanse with Blemish Balm! Next, treat with Acne Treatment Serum. Massage in Repairing Moisturizer. Don't Forget! Follow up with your fave SPF. 

PM Routine

First, cleanse with Blemish Balm! Next, apply Acne Serum on clean, dry skin. Follow up with Repairing Moisturizer to lock in hydration.

Sensitive skin? Use Acne Serum 1-2x per week vs. every day! 

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Got a skin concern? We’ve got a solution. Just text us & we’ll walk you through your personalized step-by-step solution. Your skincare coach will ask for a quick selfie to ensure we find the perfect regimen for your skin concerns! Let’s Chat >


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