Why Enrico Created Dark Spots Serum

Published: March 21 2022 & Updated: March 23 2022
enrico dark spots journey

Peace Out Founder Enrico Frezza is sharing all about his dark spots journey. From dealing with melasma and post-breakout discolorations, to creating his very own supercharged solution, he’s dishing it all:

What inspired you to create Dark Spots Serum?

"Along with post-breakout dark spots, I suffer from severe melasma. And when I tried to treat it, nothing worked. I noticed other products on the market focused on just one or two brightening ingredients and they just weren’t enough. I wanted to create a solution that combined all of the brightening ingredients to target different types of hyperpigmentation, a serum that actually works.”

What do you love most about your new Dark Spots Serum?

"Other products on the market use one or two brightening ingredients, but we use them all! Our formula combines a 10% AHA Blend, 2.5% Tranexamic Acid and other potent actives to tackle all kinds of dark spots."

Is this product safe for all skin types?

"Yes! It's non-irritating and alcohol, latex, paraben, and fragrance-free."

How do you use both Dark Spots and Dark Spots Serum together? 

"After I apply my Dark Spots Serum and Repairing Moisturizer at night, I'll let my skin dry then pop on a dot. I'll press it down for 5-10 seconds to make sure the microneedles penetrate my skin to deliver the brightening ingredients deep!" 

So, you heard it from Enrico first! Shop our supercharged brightening solution to see brighter, healthier-looking skin STAT! 

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