What is Mascne & How To Treat It

October 05 2022
What is Mascne & How To Treat It

What Is Mascne?

No one thought living through a global pandemic was going to be easy but many thought at least their skin would give them a break. There’s a good chance you’re wearing less makeup, trying less irritating new products and getting a little extra rest. So, why wouldn’t your skin flourish? Well, for a few reasons. If you’re seeing increased breakouts around the bottom half of your face, it could be mascne, or maskne as some people call it. Yup, that’s acne caused by your mask. We’re all wearing one to help decrease the spread of COVID-19. It’s important to continue to wear some kind of cloth face covering for the time being so mascne might be here to stay. But you don’t have to live with it.

Why Are You Breaking Out From Your Facemask?

First, we should take a look at what stress can do to your skin. Stress releases cortisol, which can throw off the other hormones in your body and cause breakouts. Plus, stress can wreak havoc on the bacteria in your gut, disrupting the balance between good and bad. This can show up on your skin (and body!) in the form of acne. Now, add a mask to all of this and your skin is likely to look less than great. 

No matter what type of mask you’re wearing, it could be irritating your skin even if you don’t directly feel it. This can lead to clogged pores, letting sebum and bacteria get under the skin. Notice your pimples are tiny little whiteheads? Yup, that’s from all the skin irritation leading to acne. (If your pimples are hard and deep under the skin, it’s likely hormones are to blame.)

Mascne vs Maskne?

Call it mascne or maskne, we’re dealing with the same thing here and we want it gone, like, today. Luckily, there are steps you can take to both treat and help prevent breakouts. Make sure you wash your cloth face covering in hot water after every single use, which the CDC recommends anyway. To help keep bacteria at bay, you’ll want to wash your face when you take off your mask, when possible. An exfoliating cleanser like Peace Out Blemish Balm can help. The deep cleansing formula features both chemical exfoliation (salicylic acid) and physical exfoliation (biodegradable cellulose) to gently slough off dead skin cells and help free clogged pores without stripping away skin’s natural moisture barrier. The result? Clean, balanced skin that’s prepped and ready to absorb the rest of your acne-fighting skincare routine. 

How to treat mascne & prevent breakouts when wearing a mask?

When you’re actually suffering from those pesky whiteheads, that’s where Peace Out Acne comes in. If you usually wear your Acne Dots to bed, now you can wear them during the day too without anyone noticing—right under your mask. Salicylic acid, vitamin A and aloe vera penetrates pores and clears out acne-causing bacteria. If you don’t see a pimple exactly but feel like your pores are clogged, pop on a Peace Out Pore Strip instead. No, they’re not just for your nose. Wear one under your mask to extract trapped oil and lift away dirt, excess sebum, and dead skin cells. With these tips, clearer skin is just a few days away.

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