Vitamin C Glow Stick FAQ

Published: June 12 2023 & Updated: October 05 2023
Vitamin C Glow Stick FAQ

As you may have heard, we recently launched our Vitamin C Glow Stick, a 6% vitamin C serum balm in a targeted stick. With any new product, you may be wondering about the vitamin C benefits, whether vitamin C is good for acne or if vitamin C is good for your skin in general. Keep reading because we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions about our new brightening and hydrating BFF.


Q: What is Peace Out Vitamin C Glow Stick?
A: Peace Out's Vitamin C Glow Stick is an innovative solid serum balm stick that features a 6% Vitamin C blend. It instantly brightens and targets dullness, discoloration & fine lines, imparting a natural glow finish. It also provides long term benefits that get better over time with consistent usage.

Q: Why is Vitamin C good for my skin?
A: Vitamin C is an antioxidant that fights free radical damage, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, helps fade hyperpigmentation, and brightens the appearance of the skin. It's an ingredient that is praised by dermatologists and skincare experts from all over the world. As with most active ingredients, consistent usage is necessary to experience the full benefits of this amazing ingredient, so stick with it. You'll be so happy that you did!

Q: I've heard that Vitamin C oxidizes and can then be bad for your skin. Is this true?
A: As many people are aware, Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) has a reputation of oxidizing easily (aka being exposed to air, light, or humidity), making the ingredient less effective over time and increasing the risk of temporarily staining the skin. We've done away with this issue by carefully selecting the following four types of stabilized Vitamin C that are highly resistant to oxidation and put them into an innovative stick formula to help maintain freshness.

  • 3-O-Ethyl Ascorbic Acid
  • Ascorbyl Glucoside
  • Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate
  • Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate

Q: I'm currently using Retinol. How do I incorporate Vitamin C into my routine?
A: Vitamin C and Retinol are two AMAZING skincare ingredients that can really transform your skin over time. You can (and probably should) use both in your skincare regimen - just NOT at the same time! If you want to reap the benefits of both powerhouse ingredients, we suggest you use Vitamin C Glow Stick as part of your AM routine and Retinol Eye Stick/Retinol Face Stick as part of your PM routine.

Q: I have sensitive skin. Can I use Peace Out Vitamin C Glow Stick?
A: Yes, you can! We have formulated our new Vitamin C Glow Stick to feature a 6% Vitamin C blend that is both incredibly efficacious and suitable for sensitive skin. Many Vitamin C products have high percentages of the ingredient that are not ideal for people with sensitive or compromised skin. Remember - more is not always better!

Q: When should I apply Peace Out Vitamin C Glow Stick?
A: You should apply Vitamin C Glow Stick as the last step in your skincare routine, but before applying your SPF. Just glide it, lightly tap it in (if you need) and GO! It’s also great for spot touch-ups to keep you glowing throughout the day.

Q: How should I store Peace Out Vitamin C Glow Stick?
A: As with most skincare containing active ingredients, we recommend storing your Vitamin C Glow Stick out of direct sunlight and away from super high temperatures. Keep it in your purse for on the go touch-ups or at home in your medicine cabinet!

Q: Which products can I use with Vitamin C Glow Stick? Which products should I avoid?
A: You can use any of our Peace Out products while using Vitamin C Glow Stick. When you use them is the key! We personally love applying Vitamin C Glow Stick over our Repairing Moisturizer. They just pair so well together! On the other hand, Peace Out products that contain high percentages of AHA's or Retinol should be used at a different time than Vitamin C Glow Stick (especially if you have sensitive skin). For instance, you can use Vitamin C Glow Stick in your AM routine and any of our serums or retinol balm sticks in your PM routine.

Q: How do I use Vitamin C Glow Stick and where should I apply it?
A: You can apply Vitamin C Glow Stick around your eyes, on your cheeks, forehead... really almost anywhere! Just glide it onto your skin and tap it in as needed. For easy application, twist the bullet till just enough product is visible and then twist it back before replacing the cap. For the instant glow effect, apply it to the high points of the face that catch the light - cheekbones, under brows, down the bridge of the nose, or above the cupid's bow!

Q: Most Vitamin C serums have a strange and distinct smell. Does Vitamin C Glow Stick smell the same?
A: There’s no doubt about it - most vitamin C serums have a “unique” smell. Experts actually aren’t totally sure why this happens, but some say it is likely the combination of vitamin C and ferulic acid that brings about this distinct smell.

So what does Vitamin C Glow Stick smell like? Some think the smell is akin to “a bonfire with a hint of sugar cookies” (a real quote from one of our fabulous Peace Out team members). Some think there’s the faintest hint of “hot dog water”. And then there are some who think it doesn’t really smell like much of anything at all.

Vitamin C Glow Stick is amazing for all skin types (including acne prone and sensitive) and will be a great addition to your skincare routine. It provides incredible long term skin benefits while also giving you an instant glow. Plus, you'll likely find that the scent dissipates shortly after application. Regardless of what unique fragrance notes you detect, we think you'll love how your skin looks after using it.

Still have burning questions about Vitamin C Glow Stick? Read up on vitamin C serums or caffeine in your skincare routine.

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