Published: November 05 2020 & Updated: August 24 2023


Ryan, Global Director of Education 

What is your approach to minimizing signs of aging? 

Aside from using great skincare, lifestyle choices make such a huge difference when it comes to "aging gracefully". What we put IN our bodies has a direct impact to how we look on the exterior so diet is really important to me. Antioxidant-rich foods and a ton of water are super essential and I try to avoid a lot of sugar since it wreaks havoc on your skin! Aside from diet, I try to avoid the sun as much as possible despite living in California! 

Is there a particular skincare ingredient or treatment that you believe is most effective when focusing on anti-aging?

SPF SPF SPF!!! UV damage is so much more than just sun spots so it's important to use a broad spectrum SPF consistently to help offset the signs of aging. - I even wear it on days I'm stuck indoors because I have a ton of windows in my house. Retinol is another game changer that I started using back in my early twenties to help prevent and maintain my skin. It literally is a Jack/Jill of all trades and helps with fine lines/wrinkles, uneven tone, texture, acne... just about everything. Our Peace Out Wrinkles are AMAZING on the forehead for those of us who are very animated with our facial expressions!

What keeps you staying confident and proud of your skin? 

I think it's just about knowing that aging is a part of life and being ok with that - it means we've lived a little! You really have to love what you have and make the most out of it. But also knowing that I'm using great products and taking care of myself from the inside out to the best of my ability gives me confidence as well!

Lindsay, Senior Operations Manager

What is your approach to minimizing signs of aging? 

My mother set a great example of how to care for your skin, which I luckily adopted when I was in my young teens. Always remove your makeup, always wear SPF, and no matter your budget use some kind of moisturizer. I've certainly added to that as I've gotten older by including serums, masks, scrubs, patches, pads, and facials, but I truly believe proactively jumping into prevention is key. 

What keeps you staying confident and proud of your skin? 

Knowing that aging is inevitable and that I've done the very best I can to take care of what I have. My skin is just one of my many accessories, it's part of the whole package, and some days if she's not the star of the show, that's ok!

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