Published: October 26 2020 & Updated: June 14 2022

Sugar and your skin just might be a match made in skincare hell. With Halloween coming up (BRB while I eat a whole bag of candy to myself while watching Hocus Pocus for the fifth time), it’s important to remember that over-indulging on sweets or sugar may harm your skin in so many ways.

Here are the top 3 affects of Sugar and your skin: 

1. INFLAMMATION: Swap some sweets for some extra H2O & fruits 

Sugar can cause inflammation in your body. And when our skin gets inflamed, it loses its clarity. 

2. ACNE: Use Peace Out Acne Dots

When you consume high-intakes of sugar, it leads to breakouts galore. Period. Point blank. End of a sad, sad story.

3. WRINKLES: Use Peace Out Wrinkles

If the top two didn’t terrify you enough, let me introduce you to something dermatologists call the “sugar sag”. It happens when you eat too much sugar which then impacts collagen, causing it to weaken and your skin lose elasticity. 

If you, like us, are totally normal human beings who can’t resist eating candy or sugar, just make sure to keep your Peace Out Acne Dots and Peace Out Wrinkles on hand. Wink-wink. 


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