Retinol Eye Lift Patches - Made To Fit Everyone

Published: October 06 2023
Retinol Eye Lift Patches - Made To Fit Everyone

Our Retinol Eye Lift Patches have been meticulously designed to fit around your eyes to lift, firm & revitalize your full eye area. Our patches contain retinol, a potent ingredient known for boosting collagen production in the skin. This collagen boost results in firmer, more supple skin, effectively reducing fine lines and sagging. The unique shape creates a 360° targeted treatment to help counter tired-looking eyes, sagging eyelids, and bothersome fine lines.

Here's an in-depth look at how these patches can transform your under-eye area and provide a more youthful appearance:

Large Under-Eye Coverage


Retinol Eye Lift Patch on a woman's face with a circle around the skin below the eye.

Our Retinol Eye Lift Patches offer extensive coverage for the under-eye area, specifically targeting three key zones that often contribute to the appearance of droopy eyes:

  • Tear Trough - The hollow under the eye is a common source of concern, as it tends to develop a hollow or dark appearance, making you look tired.
    Under-eye hollows are commonly referred to as Tear Trough.
  • Eyelid Crease Hollow - Sagging eyelids can significantly impact your overall look, making you appear older than you feel.
  • Zygomatic Hollow - these areas under the cheekbones can look sunken. 

Eyelid Coverage

A Retinol Eye Lift Patch around the eye with a circle on the eyelid

One of the unique design features of our Retinol Eye Lift Patches is their ability to deliver rejuvenating retinol to both the top and bottom eyelids.

Winged Tips

Retinol Eye Lift Patch on a face with a circle around the winged tip of the patch

The winged tips in our Retinol Eye Lift patches allow precise application to target those pesky crow’s feet and other fine lines that tend to accumulate around the eyes.

Made with Biocellulose

Biocellulose was initially made for medical applications like treating skin burns or other chronic wounds, so it works with all skin types, including dry or sensitive skin. We use Biocellulose in our Retinol Eye Lift Patches as it perfectly conforms to the contours of your eye area, providing maximum results and potency to deliver key ingredients (like retinol) into the layers of your skin. Just be sure to remove both liners found in our Retinol Eye Lift Patches for the best results!

As an added benefit, biocellulose is a more eco-friendly choice versus other fabrics like hydrogel as it’s completely biodegradable after use!

To sum it up, our Retinol Eye Lift Patches are a game-changer when it comes to enhancing the appearance of your full eye area. With their unique design and powerful formulation, these patches have one goal: to lift, firm, and revitalize your entire eye area. Be sure to try them with your next order!


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