Junk Food: How’s It Affecting My Acne?

Published: July 26 2021 & Updated: August 04 2022
national junk food day and breakouts

Did national junk food day wreak havoc on your skin? We figured now’s the perfect time to chat about why junk food can cause rogue breakouts––and how to treat ‘em. You ready? Let’s get into it:


Why exactly does junk food cause breakouts?

Well, when you eat foods high in sugar (like alcohol or 99.9% of junk food), you cause an imbalance in your hormones and blood sugar levels. When that happens, insulin spikes and causes your glands to produce way more oil. More oil = more opportunities for breakouts!


And sodium causes breakouts, too?

Eating too much sodium can cause your body to become dehydrated. And If you’re not drinking enough water while you go all out on the tacos, your kidneys can become out of whack and draw out your body’s water supply to compensate. When your skin’s dehydrated, your skin starts to produce more oil to moisturize your skin naturally. And again, more oil = more opportunities for breakouts!


So, how can you avoid or treat these breakouts?

Here are a few tips to help you prevent, or at least treat, your breakouts when you’re treating yourself to your fave junk food.

Tip #1: Drink More Water!

Upping your water game has so many benefits, but it can especially help out your skin after eating the ‘not-so-good-for-you’ stuff. Drinking more water can help maintain a hydration balance in your body and keep your skin moisturized. It can also help flush out any toxins building up in your body!


Tip #2: Limit Your Sugar & Sodium Intake 

If you have acne-prone skin like us, try to save your intake of junk food for those special occasions. Ditch the junk food and add in some foods high in vitamins, whole grains and fiber––they’ll do your skin good, trust us. 


Tip #3: Get in on the routine of champs! 

Our best-selling Acne Champs Kit will help to prevent, treat and heal any breakouts you get after your night of margaritas and tacos! Here’s how to get your skin in check after a night out:

  • Cleanse with our Blemish Balm––this will wash away any excess oil and dirt. Plus, it gently exfoliates to make the perfect base for your treatments!
  • Treat with our Acne Serum––want to prevent any breakouts from coming to the fiesta? Our do-it-all serum will not only help to target your current breakouts, but it will help prevent new ones from forming. 
  • Target with our Acne Dots––if you do wake up with a dreaded breakout, pop a patch on it! In as little as 6 hours, our dot will bust your breakout.


Shop our acne-fighting essentials here and make sure to share how you beat your breakouts after a night out on social @PeaceOutSkincare & #PeaceOutSkincare!


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