Inside Dark Spots Serum—What Makes It Supercharged?

Published: March 29 2022 & Updated: June 14 2022
Dark Spots Serum Key Ingredients

So, what makes our new Dark Spots Serum *supercharged*? Well first off, we don’t just use one or two brightening ingredients in our formula—use them all. Enrico, Peace Out’s Founder, wanted to create a formula that worked on ALL kinds of hyperpigmentation—sun spots, post-breakout discolorations, age spots…you name it.

So let’s get into the formula (literally). We’re sharing just a few of the many groundbreaking ingredients that make up our NEW brightening solution: 

10% AHA Blend 

Our boosted blend of alpha hydroxy acids (like Lactic, Mandelic and Glycolic Acid) help improve the appearance of uneven skin tone and texture.

2.5% Tranexamic Acid 

This amino acid derivative helps minimize the appearance of dark spots: sun spots, age spots, post-breakout discolorations—all of the spots!

0.5% Kojic Acid & 2.5% Alpha-Arbutin 

This powerhouse ingredients both provide brightening benefits to visibly minimize the look of dark spots and overall discoloration.

Squalane & Niacinamide

The ultimate hydrators to ensure skin stays soothed and hydrated while the acids get to work.

Click here to get your hands on our supercharged brightening solution.


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