How To Use Peace Out Pores

Published: September 30 2018 & Updated: April 29 2020
How To Use Peace Out Pores

Our Guide For How To Use Pore Strips

We get it BFFs – skincare can be scary! There are so many products that claim to “visibly reduce pore size” or “unclog pores”, but they are not always safe for moody, acne-prone skin. That’s why our Founder & CEO Enrico set out to revolutionize traditional pore-strips with the second product we ever released as a company, Peace Out Pores.

Peace Out Pores is a set of 2:1 detoxifying strips made with our break-through hydrocolloid technology to unclog pores, refine texture, visibly reduce the appearance of pores and prevent future breakouts. 

We’ve received some great questions about Peace Out Pores that we’ve been eager to answer, and we’re here to address them all! Let’s get started:

How To Apply Pore Strips

  • Apply a blackhead strip or pore strip, tacky-side down, on clean, dry skin.
  • After wearing at least 4 hours or overnight, remove the strip and turn it over to see all the oil it absorbed. 

What’s the difference between the blackhead strips vs. the pore strips?

Each box comes with 4 blackhead strips cut specifically to fit your nose, and 4 pore strips for anywhere else on your face or body where you tend to break out or have enlarged pores.

Are Pore Strips Safe?

Peace Out is a brand that was actually created for extremely sensitive, acne-prone skin. This is a product all skin types can use - whether you’re oily, dry, combo, acne-prone or sensitive!

What are these made of?

Literally only 3 ingredients:

  • Vitamin A
  • DMAE
  • Hydrocolloid Dressing

Do you guys test on animals?

No way - we love our furry friends! Our brand is cruelty-free and PETA-certified.

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