How To Treat & Prevent Milia

Published: February 27 2023 & Updated: August 24 2023
How To Treat & Prevent Milia

What Are Milia? 

Milia are tiny, painless keratin cysts that are commonly found under the eyes (as well as on the cheeks and nose). Often resembling whiteheads, these small white bumps behave differently and require different treatment than pimples.

What Causes Milia? 

Milia can occur in anyone from babies to adults. They form when keratin (a protein found in your skin, hair and nails) becomes trapped under the surface of the skin with no way to exit. 

Other Causes Include:

  • Trauma to the skin (blisters, burns or pimple popping!)
  • The use of certain topical medications
  • Buildup & clogs from makeup & skincare
  • Chronic unprotected sun exposure & damage
  • When the natural skin exfoliation process slows 

How Can I Get Rid of Milia? 

Milia are harmless and generally go away on their own within a couple of weeks. If you’re bothered by their appearance or the uneven skin texture they create, here are some things that can help. 

Milia Treatments: 

  • Cryotherapy - freezing the milia off 
  • Laser Therapy - destroying milia with a laser
  • Chemical Peel - sloughing off the outer layer of skin
  • De-Roofing - derm uses a scalpel to open up the cyst & remove
  • Topical Retinoids - help exfoliate your skin (like Retinol Eye Stick!) 

Pro Tip: DO NOT pop milia! The pop will be unsatisfying and can lead to discomfort and infection.

How Does Retinol Treat Milia? 

Topical retinoids (aka Vitamin A) are very successful in treating milia. They boost cell turnover, which means they slough off dead, dry skin cells at the surface to reveal fresh new skin cells beneath. This frequent exfoliation not only helps treat, but also helps prevent milia from recurring. 

Target & Prevent Stubborn Milia with Retinol Eye Stick! 

That’s right! Our handy retinol serum in stick form, Retinol Eye Stick, is a skin multitasker designed for powerful results while remaining gentle on the delicate eye area. Our encapsulated retinol blend not only helps rewind your fine lines and wrinkles but aids cell turn over, helping to target and prevent stubborn milia.

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