Published: November 17 2021 & Updated: June 14 2022
Holiday Skincare

It’s no surprise that the holiday season can bring on some yuletide stress and without a solid skincare game plan set in motion, your skin may feel the side effects. 

We know, we know. You’re likely thinking, ‘stress affects my skin?’ We hope this not-so-fun-fact doesn’t automatically put us at the top of your naughty list but, yes, stress and your skin issues go hand-in-hand.

When you feel stressed out, your sympathetic nervous system releases a stress hormone called cortisol into your body. Cortisol causes increased oil production in your skin glands, leading to clogged pores and acne breakouts. 

So, we’ve gathered up the best tips on how to keep your skin healthy during the holidays: 


This may seem like an obvious one but it’s so easy to skip out on doing your skincare diligence during the holidays, especially if you are traveling. 

Instead of just using soap and water at a hotel or whatever products you left at your parents house from when you were 16 (yikes, ghosts of skincare’s pasts), make sure to keep your normal routine in check. It will help regulate and keep your skin calmer than a silent night. If you're in need of everyday essentials, check out the Peace Out Three-tment.


Foods around the holidays tend to evoke feelings of warmth, coziness, nostalgia while also being packed with sugar. If you are someone who already knows the effects of sugar consumption on your skin, just keep an eye out on how much sugar you indulge in this holiday season. Sugary foods can produce insulin and hormonal bursts in your system, which can trigger acne breakouts easily. 


Can’t skip all the homemade, sugary goodness this year? Yeah, we don’t blame you. Plan ahead by packing a few products that will help combat any spur-of-the-moment breakouts. Think anything with salicylic acid, basically. 

Hey, come to think of it, we know a few good products that can help ;) Peace Out Acne Serum and Peace Out Acne Healing Dots would love to travel anywhere with you for the holidays. 


It’s so easy during the holidays to have a few glasses of wine here and a couple hot toddies there. While alcohol is great for helping you through some holiday family gatherings, it’s not so great for helping your skin. Not only can it wreak havoc, especially if you normally don’t drink, but it also dehydrates everything in your body - including your skin. 

Can’t help but need a little liquid courage this season to make your spirits bright? Just follow the general rule of thumb: the clearer the alcohol, the better. Vodka, gin, and tequila can process through your system quicker than any dark-colored alcohol. 

And as always: Please. Don’t. Forget. To. Drink. Your. Water. 


If possible, try to take a few moments each day for yourself during the holidays. Whether that’s going into a quiet room alone to do 10 minute meditations, saying ‘no, sorry mom, I can’t do that today’, or practicing your favorite self care ritual, giving yourself some grace and space in an already stressful time will do wonders for your mental health and your skin. 

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