Happy Skin, 365 Days A Year: Meet Our New Repairing Moisturizer!

August 04 2021

*insert drumroll* Peace Out, distressed skin, hello happy, healthy skin––meet our new Peace Out Repairing Moisturizer! Clarify, Calm, Refine, Replenish, and Repair your skin in one simple step. Ready to round out your routine and achieve your best skin yet?

Here are the deets on our do-it-all moisturizer:


What it is:

A barrier-boosting daily moisturizer that will help clarify, calm, refine, replenish and repair your skin, all while giving it the boost of moisture it needs. So, yes, it really does it all.


Why you’ll love it 

Its 100% alcohol-free formula was created with blemish-prone, oily, congested and even sensitive skin in mind. So, if you’re scared of a good moisturizer––don’t be! Peace Out’s Reparative Moisturizer is a lightweight & nourishing formula-  won’t leave your skin feeling sticky (and icky!)


What’s good inside:

  • Bakuchiol––a power-packed antioxidant that gently refines the look of texture and pores.
  • Ceramide complex––helps soothe skin’s natural barrier while locking in the moisture your skin’s been craving.

  • Squalane––provides lightweight hydration and gives your skin a moisture boost.

  • COQ10––helps minimize the look of redness while protecting against environmental aggressors.

  • Rosehip oil––helps support the look of healthy, hydrated skin.


Why your skin needs it:

In order to keep your skin clear and as happy as ever, your barrier needs to be in check! If your skin barrier is in distress, it can cause breakouts, dryness, congestion, sensitivity––you name it. That’s why Peace Out’s Repairing Moisturizer was formulated to help repair your skin’s barrier, giving your skin the boost of moisture it needs. Happy skin = a healthy skin barrier!


Now that you know all about our new Repairing Moisturizer, run and sign up to be the first to shop! And be sure to stay tuned for our next blog series which will dive into all the deets on your skin barrier––what it is, why it's important and how it’s the key to clear, happy and healthy skin.