Barrier Repair: Acneic Skin

Published: June 22 2022
barrier repair for acneic skin

Fact: creating a healthy skin barrier is one of the most important factors in tackling your acne and keeping your skin clear—for good. If you’re unfamiliar with the term ‘skin barrier’ read all about it here, then keep scrolling to find how it’s affecting your acne. 

What causes a distressed skin barrier?

Your barrier can easily and quickly become damaged when you strip your natural oils with harsh cleansers, acne medication, or too many actives. Other factors like stress, hormones and diet can also have a major effect on your barrier. 

Unsure if your barrier needs a boost? If your skin is feeling tight, dehydrated, irritated, or red—you’re probably dealing with a distressed barrier. But don’t worry, we’re here to help.

How do I repair it?

Focus on Nourishing Ingredients

Let your skin renew itself. Creating a simple and effective skincare routine can help to rebuild your barrier, all while tackling that annoying acne. Focus on nourishing and hydrating ingredients for the first few weeks like Ceramide Complex, Squalane, COQ10 and Rosehip Oil—which are all found in our new Repairing Moisturizer

We formulated our Repairing Moisturizer with your skin-type in mind— so it’s super lightweight, ultra-soothing, and won’t clog your pores. Bonus: we made sure there were absolutely no alcohols in it that could strip your skin even more. 

Avoid Stripping Cleansers

Ditch the cleansers that leave your skin feeling tight or the exfoliators that are WAY too harsh. Opt for our Blemish Balm. Along with cleansing away any dirt or oil buildup that could be contributing to your acne, our exfoliating cleanser gently refines pores and helps with any texture issues you may be dealing with. It’s working doubletime to make sure your skin is clear and happy, without stripping away your natural oils. 

Heal From The Inside Out

Internal factors like stress, hormones, and diet can play a big role in the health of your skin barrier. Although our one-step solutions will help bust your breakouts, getting to the root of the problem could help your skin immensely! We recommend talking to your doctor about how these factors could potentially be playing a role in your acne. 


Got a skin concern? We’ve got a solution. Just text us & we’ll walk you through your personalized step-by-step solution. Your skincare coach will ask for a quick selfie to ensure we find the perfect regimen for your skin concerns! Let’s Chat >


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