Published: August 17 2021 & Updated: June 14 2022
Healthy skin barrier vs. Damaged skin barrier

Now that we’ve got the basics down (like what exactly your skin barrier is), we’re going to explain how and why a compromised barrier can cause acne! That way, you can learn more about your specific skin type and what may be causing those pesky breakouts.

Healthy skin barrier vs. Acneic skin barrier

When you have a healthy skin barrier, all of the good stuff (like hydration, moisture and healthy bacteria) is kept in and the bad stuff (like pollutants, bacteria and excess dirt) bounces right off. The barrier acts like a shield to project the skin from acne-causing irritants! The healthier your barrier = the clearer your skin! 

If your skin barrier is compromised, the ‘bad stuff’ can seep into your skin, causing breakouts, clogged pores, and dryness––all the annoying stuff. The shield that was once working for you can now work against you, causing your acne to get even worse. 

In order to get your acne in check, you have to get your skin barrier in check! Next, we’ll share the steps you can take to get your skin barrier (and acne) back on track! Stay tuned...

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