The Peace Out Diaries

Published: January 11 2021
The Peace Out Diaries

What are the skin benefits you have seen since using Retinol?

  • Oh I have seen such great results! As I have gotten older, being a single mom and an ambitious professional - sleep is more of a luxury (a 2021 goal to improve this!)  and I’ve definitely noticed my fine lines are becoming a little less fine 😊. With incorporating retinol, especially encapsulated which is great for my sensitive skin (like with the new retinol eye stick!)  into my night time routine I’ve seen a great improvement managing my aging concerns. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but this definitely gives me more confidence knowing that I am able to address my current skin concerns, while also helping prevent future signs of aging.

What other beauty products do you recommend pairing retinol with?

  • I usually use a retinol only in my evening skincare routine, although most are now gentle enough to use during the day as long as you wear a SPF. I typically start with an essence and then follow with my retinol products, a hydrating serum, and a moisturizer to lock all the goodness in. While I don’t typically use retinol in my AM routine I always, always use SPF to help protect my skin and all of the anti aging benefits retinol has to offer.

Conversely, what should retinol not be mixed with?

  • I wouldn’t ever use any astringents or anything that dries out your skin (well I wouldn’t use either way as it strips the skin), but with adding a retinol that can be irritating to the skin barrier. Also for those who wax, I might wait a day or two before using a retinol as that can also be irritating. 

What do you like about using encapsulated retinol instead of a prescription (tretinoin)?

  • I have really sensitive skin so I am always more cautious when trying new actives. I loved the encapsulated retinol as it gives me all the anti-aging, anti-wrinkle benefits, without feeling like my skin is irritated or overly dry.

What is the most effective way you’ve been able to incorporate retinol into your beauty routine?

  • I think for me it’s been a game changer in my night-time routine. I swipe it on in the evening and that’s it! I’ve loved the results so much that I’ve been using it on other areas of my face- forehead, around the mouth, and even on my neck!

Is there a certain age you should start using Retinol regularly?

  • You can use retinol as early as in your 20’s for future age prevention all the way through your skincare lifecycle which makes it such a rounded ingredient. The key for me has been building it in my routine regularly. Just make sure you’re taking a break from using retinols if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

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