Published: June 22 2022 & Updated: August 04 2022
Guide to Acne Dots

Why we created it: 

While suffering from acne and hyperpigmentation as a young adult, Peace Out Founder, Enrico Frezza, tried every product and prescription under the sun...but, nothing worked. Since he couldn’t find an easy one-step solution, he decided to create it himself. And in 2017, that’s what he did. Peace Out Skincare launched with Peace Out Acne––a first-of-its-kind treatment dot that combines hydrocolloid polymer technology with active anti-acne ingredients to minimize breakouts...overnight!


Why it works:

Not only do our OG acne dots contain hydrocolloid polymer technology, but they contain so many breakout-busting ingredients to help zap your zits within just 6 hours.

  • Salicylic acid helps to penetrate pores and clear up your blemishes
  • Vitamin A helps promote clear-looking skin
  • Aloe Vera gently soothes and minimizes the appearance of redness
  • Hydrocolloid polymer technology helps extract impurities and guard against external elements


Why you’ll love it:

  • 91% of participants said that after using Acne Dots, their blemish was less red, less painful, and significantly less annoying in 6 hours.
  • 91% of participants said that the product healed the acne that it was applied to.
  • 95% of participants said the product helped soothe their skin where it was applied.
  • 95% of participants said the product helped in preventing them from picking at their acne where it was applied.*

*Results from a consumer study


So, what are you waiting for? Go stock up on our best-selling and first-ever product, Peace Out Acne!


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