Acne Champs: A New Perspective.

Published: July 19 2021 & Updated: June 08 2022
Peace Out Acne Champs

Real skin. Raw emotions. True stories. 


Our Acne Champs docuseries continues. We challenged Gen Z photographer and designer, Charles Cerrone, to capture our community through a new lens––a fresh take on what it means to be a ‘champ’.  


Here, he interviewed ten friends to discover what it means to be confident in your own skin, overcome skin insecurities, and become more than your acne. Go deeper than skin deep with the stories below. 




My name is Dashon, I'm from Rochester, New York. I'm 23 years old and an abstract painter.



My name is Christa, I'm 21 and a student at University of Vermont. I'm studying animal science and minoring in nutrition. In my free time I like roller skating and cooking.



My name is Will, I'm a photographer and bartender from Rochester, New York. I also have a dog that I like to play with. 



My name is Isabel, I live in Burlington. I do some social media/ digital media marketing for a few local brands. 



I'm Hannah, I'm 24 (about to turn 25 next month). I went to school for poetry and like to watch movies and read books. 



My name is Sean Junior, I'm 21 and from Washington, D.C. 



My name is Faizo, I'm a Youtuber and the thing I thinks is most beautiful about people is their smile. 



Hi I'm Indy, I'm 22 years old and a Senior at the University of Vermont. I study Environmental Science. 



My name is Elina, I live in Burlington. I love going to the dog park with my dog.

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