2021 Skin Care Resolutions...

Published: December 31 2020 & Updated: January 25 2021
2021 Skin Care Resolutions...

New year. New skin care resolutions. Six of our Peace Out HQ team members share their skin intentions (...skintentions?) for 2021: 

Jennifer, Social Media + Influencer Coordinator

“My 2021 skincare resolution is to drink more water and be more active.”

Sarah, Social Media + Partnerships Manager

“My skincare resolution for 2021 is to wear sunscreen every single day.”

JC, Art Director

“Get more sleep!”

Kara, Director of Social 

“Relaxing my face and my mind”

Erin, Senior Direct of Marketing + Strategy 

“My 2021 skincare resolution is to get more sleep. As I get older in age, and finding ways to deal with anti-aging just being really comfortable in my skin while being a single mom and being really ambitious… I realized I really value the concept of sleep and how that can really directly impact your skin.”

JP, Chief Commercial Officer 

“My 2021 resolution is a continuation of something that 2020 taught me and helped me realize.  Through all of the bad of 2020, there were a lot of potential moments of listening, awakening and growth - for myself, our country and our world.

So for 2021, I am going to continue to focus on what matters, lead by example, drive change and find ways to shine positivity and light on the difficulties all around us.  How does this relate back to skin? It's simple for me - when I am doing the above, my entire attitude shifts and my skin reflects this positivity. If I am glowing internally, my skin is glowing externally.”

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