Redness + Clarifying Mist FAQs

Published: May 24 2024
Redness + Clarifying Mist FAQs
Say hello to our newest skincare sensation, the Redness + Clarifying Mist! This innovative product is designed to soothe red, irritated skin and control excess oil with just a few refreshing spritzes. Perfect for daily use, this mist is a must-have addition to your skincare routine, whether you're prepping your skin in the morning or refreshing it throughout the day. Read on to discover how to use it, what results you can expect, and the powerful ingredients that make it so effective. Let’s dive into the FAQs and see why this mist is becoming a staple for skincare enthusiasts everywhere.

Q: What is the Redness + Clarifying Mist?
A: A gentle yet powerful mist that visibly soothes red, angry skin and helps minimize excess oil—all in one refreshing mist. Perfect for all-day use, this balancing formula helps keep distressed skin at bay and preps your skin for the next steps in your routine.

Q: How/when do I use Redness + Clarifying Mist?
A: You can use this all day, every day! Made for daily use, this gentle toner helps resurface and refresh your skin without stripping your skin of its natural moisture.

You can use it under or over makeup, after a workout, or whenever your skin feels a little oily. Use it throughout the day for a quick refresh!

For best results, shake well and mist over clean skin morning and night. Allow to fully dry down completely before applying serum or moisturizer. Use mist for angry, splotchy, and blemish-prone skin after workouts or spending time outdoors.

Q: What should I expect after using Redness + Clarifying Mist?
A: You’ll see it work in as little as 20 minutes! Irritated skin will look less red as the mist instantly hydrates.

Over time, this balancing formula works to boost luminosity and combat blemishes, as well as helping to prime the skin for the next stage of skincare.

In our consumer-perception study*, our participants reported:
  • 94% of participants agreed this product helps soothe, heal, and calm their irritated skin after just one use.
  • 97% of participants agreed this product instantly hydrates their skin.
  • 94% of participants agreed their skin feels and looks healthier.

*Based on a consumer perception study with 32 participants. Actual results may vary.

Q: What skin conditions does Redness + Clarifying Mist help with?
A: This was made to target red, irritated, blemish-prone skin. While we formulated this with acne-prone skin in mind, the mist can also help soothe:
  • Acne
  • Rosacea
  • Eczema
  • Dermatitis
  • Razor Bumps

Our Dermatology Partner, Dr. Carol Cheng, had this to say:
“This NEW Peace Out Skincare Redness + Clarifying Mist was developed to combat redness and reduce excess oil for even the most sensitive skin types and conditions like eczema, dermatitis, and rosacea. Hero ingredient Hypochlorous Acid is gentle, yet highly effective at calming inflammation, repairing the skin barrier, reducing redness, and minimizing breakouts. What makes this product especially good for acne-prone skin is that Peace Out has blended powerful natural ingredients such as Zinc and Arnica, which are natural redness reducers that cool and protect stressed skin and can be used every day and all over the body. Plus, it’s formulated with an innovative Triple Clay Blend, which dries excess oil, cleans impurities from pores, and relieves visible redness and dry skin.”
- Dr. Carol Cheng, Board-Certified Dermatologist and Pediatric Dermatologist. Assistant Clinical Professor of Dermatology at the University of California Los Angeles & Peace Out Dermatology Partner

We haven’t tested if this helps with any kind of alcohol flush reaction - so if you give it a try, be sure to let us know!

Q: Will this spray discolor my clothes?
A: No! This spray should not discolor clothes, but as fabrics may vary, be sure to use it with caution. We’re happy to say this is formulated without ingredients like sulfates, PEGs, parabens, phthalates, mineral oil, or formaldehyde. It’s totally vegan too!

Q: What ingredients help soothe skin?
A: Our powerful, yet gentle redness relievers include:
  • Hypochlorous Acid Blend: Helps improve the appearance of dry skin by moisturizing while clarifying pores.
  • Zinc & Arnica: Powerful natural redness reducers that cool and protect stressed skin.
  • Bentonite, Kaolin & Montmorillonite Clays: Dries excess oil from the skin's surface, cleaning impurities from pores, & relieving visible redness & dry skin.

Still have some questions about our Redness + Clarifying Mist? Let us know!
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