Acne Dot Mega Voluntary Recall

We’ve heard from customers that Acne Dots may be sticking to the inner lining of the pouch they are packaged in. Upon further investigation it has been determined that this is most likely the result of extreme heat exposure outside of the recommended storage temperature communicated on our packaging. Given the temperature throughout the summer months, it's our belief that in some isolated cases the product has been exposed to excessively hot conditions and in turn the product is sticking to the pouch lining. This only applies to our Limited-Edition Acne Dot Mega Pack, no other products have been affected.

Our dots are still safe for use and there is no impact to product efficacy, but this is not the experience we wish for anyone as we are fully committed to providing the best quality products!



What are the affected lot numbers?

Please look at the bottom and/or back of your Acne Dots Mega Pack to identify the lot number, printed in black ink. Below are the affected lot numbers and reference images:


  • L2277J42
  • L2280J42
  • L2277J42


Lot Number found on bottom of Peace Out's Acne Mega

What should I do if I have a product with an affected lot number?
Our dots are still safe for use and there is no impact to product efficacy.

How do I request a refund?
You can receive a full refund by taking the following actions.

If you purchased on
Please provide the following information via email to

    • Subject Line: Acne Dot Mega Pack Refund
    • Order Number: Provide the order number for your Acne Dot Mega Pack purchase

If you purchased at Sephora:


What are you doing to ensure this doesn’t happen again?
In an effort to ensure we correct the current issue and prevent it from happening again, we are conducting additional inventory checks and expanding our melting point test ranges. The product in question is still safe for use and there is no impact to product efficacy but we are doing everything possible to control the issue and guarantee the safety and quality of our products.

What if I also see brown/red specks on the dots?
Brown or red specks on the dots are normal and are due to active ingredients. Your dots are still safe for use and there is no impact to product efficacy.

We are working to resolve this issue as fast as possible! To be notified when Acne Dots Mega Pack is back in stock, please click on the NOTIFY ME WHEN BACK IN STOCK on the product page here.

For additional questions, please contact Customer Service at

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