What To Do For Puffy Under Eyes

July 30 2018

What To Do For Puffy Under Eyes? Meet Peace Out Puffy Eyes Under Eye Patches!

How To Fix Puffy Under Eyes

Peace Out Puffy Eyes is a set of 6 under-eye patches that target all your under-eye concerns including dark circles, puffiness, fine lines and texture. Infused with passion fruit extract and actual ice plant stem cells, these high-quality active ingredients work to depuff, hydrate and brighten your under-eye in just 15 minutes. Want to learn more about your undereye’s new BFF? Check it:  

How To Use Our Under Eye Patches

After cleansing, unfold the patch and remove the top and bottom white liners. Place the patches onto the skin gel-side down and adjust to fit comfortably under the eyes. Remove the patch after 15 minutes. Do not rinse - instead pat excess serum into your skin.

Why are these better than most under-eye patches on the market?

This is the 1st under-eye patch to be infused with our break-through ice-plant stem-cellular technology, and is 1000x thinner than human hair to yield results in just 15 minutes.

Is this safe for sensitive skin?

Peace Out is a skincare brand that was actually created for extremely sensitive, acne-prone skin. This is a product all skin types can use - whether you’re oily, dry, combo, acne-prone or sensitive!

What are these made of?

100% compostable materials - because we care about our earth [insert earth emoji]

Do you guys test on animals?

No way - we love our furry friends! Our brand is cruelty-free and PETA-certified.

What sensation should I experience while wearing the patches?

Have you guys heard?! We just welcomed a 3rd product to the fam this month - and it’s already a Sephora bestseller!

A slight cooling sensation to give you that 5-star booshie spa experience at home.

How To Apply Under Eye Patches:

We love wearing these to prime our under-eyes prior to makeup application! We suggest:

  • Apply a pair of Peace Out Puffy Eyes under-eye patches before you start your makeup routine
  • Begin applying your eye-shadow, allowing all the fallout to collect onto your under-eye patches
  • Pat excess serum into your skin as a primer for your under-eye concealer!

For added coolness, you can also pop these in the fridge for 30-minutes prior to application.