January 30 2020

Just like not all pimples are created equal, all acne dots (or “pimple stickers”) aren’t either. Every other day, a new brand pops onto the market claiming to be different from the rest but are they really? And what makes Peace Out Acne stand out among the rest? Well, it’s actually pretty simple. Peace Out Acne helps heal your pimple as well as prevent future breakouts. You won’t see other brands promising that.

There are three key ways Peace Out Acne Dots are so different from the rest. Because we’re all about being as transparent as our stickers, we’re breaking it down so you know exactly how Peace Out Acne can help you achieve clear skin both today and in the future.

It contains acne-fighting ingredients.

Most pimple stickers on the market are strictly hydrocolloid patches. They absorb excess fluids, like pus and oil, from a popped pimple while also protecting the area from bacteria. And that’s where their technology ends and Peace Out begins. Our Acne Dots absorb fluids but also use salicylic acid to penetrate pores and clear up acne-causing bacteria. It’s a real spot treatment with active acne-fighters.

Plus, there are vitamins and actives to soothe skin.

In addition to salicylic acid to banish bacteria, Peace Out Acne Dots also contain vitamin A to promote clear-looking skin and naturally ease inflammation. And there’s even more in that tiny sticker. Aloe vera (yup, just like what you put on sunburn) helps sooth the blemish and reduce the appearance of redness.

Peace Out dots are thicker than most competitors—for good reason.

There are no flimsy acne dots here that pop off throughout the night and end up on your pillow. Peace Out Acne features patented hydrocolloid material thicker than most competitors. It helps prevent you from picking the blemish and treats your skin at the same time. Not to mention, these heal pimples exponentially faster.

Now that you know how Peace Out Acne Dots is so different, you might also be surprised to know it’s paraben-, sulfate-, phthalate-, gluten-, cruelty-free and vegan (phew!). What are you waiting for?

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