Finding The Best Dull Skin Treatment For You: How Peace Out Dullness Is Different

March 19 2020
Finding The Best Dull Skin Treatment For You: How Peace Out Dullness Is Different

Using The Best Skin Care Product For Your Dull Skin

We’re not here to lie to you. Other brands hawk resurfacing treatments that can improve your skin. But you should have the best dull skin treatment for you. Peace Out Dullness is different and just by using it, you’ll see exactly why. While other brands’ products contain alpha-hydroxy acids to slough off dead skin cells, that’s where their powerful products end. Peace Out Dullness contains all those AHAs, BHAs and PHAs but also viral ingredients to provide powerful resurfacing that feels like a facial at home. Plus, the unique dual-sided pad provides additional exfoliation you’ll have to feel to believe. Allow us to explain.

There’s Even More Than Just the 7-Acid Complex
Other brands include these powerful acids in their formulas but not much else. Peace Out doesn’t think that’s enough. Sure there’s 10% AHA, 0.4% BHA and 2% PHA, but also Evodia fruit extract, a supercharged antioxidant and micro-circulation booster that drastically enhances skin luminosity. The combination of baby-soft skin plus a lit-from-within glow you can only get with Peace Out. And that’s not all. Peace Out Dullness also contains niacinamide, a form of vitamin B3 that works to improve uneven skin tone. That’s a lot of power in a tiny little pad.

The Unique Pad Upgrades Exfoliation
Speaking of the Peace Out Dullness pad, each side of the dual-ended tool has an important purpose. The first side is a soft cotton that feels great while you smooth the product over your skin. The flip side features exfoliating mesh to help you slough off those dead skin cells and let the product really seep into the skin. It’s as satisfying as it is effective.

Peace Out Has Your Entire System Down
We don’t want you just to swipe and go. Peace Out Dullness works seamlessly with the rest of your Peace Out products. Use Dullness twice a week. On the alternate days, treat a pimple with Peace Out Acne’s powerful blemish-fighting ingredients, fine lines with Peace Out Wrinkles, hyperpigmentation with Peace Out Dark Spots, clogged pores with Peace Out Pores and tired eyes with Peace Out Puffy Eyes. Used together, and you’ll have to clear, bright, plump skin you’ve been dreaming about.

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