What Is Stressed Skin & How To Remedy It

July 31 2020

A Survival Guide To Stressed Out Skin

What Is Stressed Skin?

Is your skin acting a little, um, weird lately... seemingly out of nowhere? Breakouts popping up, irritation flaring up on the fly or maybe redness is taking over and bringing along a good friend named fine lines with it.

Well, chances are that your skin weirdness is not out of nowhere and definitely has a cause: stress!

2020 is a weird year and unfortunately has brought feelings of anxiety with it. When we experience intense stress, our bodies release a chemical response that makes skin more sensitive and easily aggravated. When this happens, our inner feelings and emotions begin to show up physically on our skin.

We wanted to take one less stressful thing off your plate, so we put together a guide to signs of stressed out skin and how to remedy them.

Skin Conditions Caused By Stress & Anxiety and How To Remedy Them

Fine Lines & Wrinkles
Oh boy - you can’t have days full of stress and worrying without expecting some worry lines to come through, can you? Foreheads and eye areas, the most expressive parts of our face, get hit with fine lines and wrinkles the hardest when stressed.

Quick fix: Peace Out Wrinkles
Our microneedling anti-wrinkling retinol patches smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles at the source. Each patch contains 450 self-dissolving hyaluronic acid microneedles that create teeny, tiny pathways for the age-fighting ingredients to work their plumping and smoothing magic.

Stress loves to aggravate skin - that’s its favorite thing to do. Then you add maskne in the mix and the combo could be lethal: it triggers unexpected flare ups of acne, redness, and oilier-than-usual skin.

Quick fix: Peace Out Acne Serum
Our daily acne serum is loaded with high-potency ingredients like 2% salicylic acid, niacinamide, vitamin c, triluronic acid and zinc to clear blemishes, control oil and brighten up your skin post-breakout. The even better part? It was clinically proven to be non-irritating, high-performance and allergy-tested.

Bonus fix: Peace Out Acne Dots
Our bestselling acne treatment dots combine hydrocolloid polymer technology with salicylic acid to penetrate pores and clear up acne-causing bacteria, helping to minimize breakouts overnight. Just stick it on wherever you need a little more TLC.

Tired Eyes
Stress and sleepless nights go hand-in-hand. One of the biggest indicators of stressed out skin? Tired eyes that bring along the whole gang: puffiness, wrinkles and dark circles.

Quick fix: Peace Out Puffy Eyes
Our biocellulose under-eye patches are soaked in antioxidant-rich passion fruit extract and ice plant stem cells to help with puffiness and illuminate the appearance of dark circles.

There’s nothing worse than being so worn out that it begins to steal that twinkle in your eye and your lit-from-within skin that you spent so much time and effort perfecting. But hey, it happens!

Quick fix: Peace Out Dullness
Our favorite fast-acting resurfacing facial pad is infused with a 7-acid complex to minimize signs of aging and refine the look of pores while leaving skin looking brighter, smoother and more youthful.

- Enrico Frezza, Founder & CEO


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